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starts now and good evening everyone. >> i'm alex savage and i'm heather holmes. it is the unofficial start of summer and millions of people are hitting the road for the memorial day weekend. >> let's take a live look now at the traffic conditions all around the bay area. as many people are getting out of town right now, you're taking a live look at the golden gate bridge, the richmond-san rafael bridge, the san mateo bridge, as well as highway four near bay point. >> but it has been a nightmare trying to get into or around san francisco today. these are live pictures from the bay bridge toll plaza, which you can see is really backed up at this hour. and 880 in berkeley, near the university avenue exit. also, jam packed westbound traffic has been congested for hours. the far right westbound lane is still blocked on the bay bridge after this, a big rig trailer burst into flames. the fire started before ten this morning. officials say the driver detached the tractor after the fire started and that no one was hurt. the trailer, though, was filled with produce. no word on

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what may have caused the fire. >> and new at five, a deadly crash caused by a wrong way driver is going to keep at least two lanes of highway 101 shut down into tonight. this is in the south bay. it happened just before noon in the southbound lanes just north of blossom hill road. the chp says a honda sedan entered the freeway going the wrong way and drove north in the southbound lanes before colliding with a big rig, spilling about 100 gallons of diesel fuel onto the roadway. the driver of that honda died at the scene. the big rig driver was not hurt, the chp says. the two left lanes of 101 southbound will remain closed for the next several hours, and according to triple a, we are at the height of the busiest travel time for memorial day weekend from now until 7:00 tonight, it's expected to be the most congested. about 44 million americans are going to do some type of traveling this holiday weekend, with 38.5 million of those people going by car.

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>> the 11th annual bottlerock napa valley festival is now underway for its three day weekend run right there at the napa valley expo center. stevie nicks is the headliner tonight with lots of star power still to come. ktvu tom vacar joining us now live from bottlerock with what's happening. tom >> well, in just over a decade, bottlerock in just over a decade has become one of the most sought after and desired tickets in festivals anywhere in the nation. her mama was really bad. there are five stages which define the maze of this huge event. one stage is reserved for famous artists and famous chefs to put on cooking displays. it's the hottest ticket in the bay area filled with music, art, food, wine, spirits and beers. tonight, stevie nicks later this weekend, ed sheeran, pearl jam and mana weekend tickets are sold out and as many as 40,000 will attend each day. local purveyors in the culinary garden

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provide local food fare along with local wineries, breweries and distilleries. it's a classy, well-run, world class event with more than ample security. tim fevik is a first timer. the grounds are huge. >> it's clean, it looks beautiful. lots of food varieties everywhere. it's amazing. this is maybe even a family thing. >> it sure is for the beveridge family now on their eighth bottle rock. >> for us, it's always felt like a family affair and i know it's gotten to be more, more so. but for us it's just kind of it's something that we do every year to start to start the summer. >> we know that they're safe, they're with us, yeah. i mean, we feel safe. >> alicia fogle came with some girlfriends. >> this represents napa valley perfectly. there's people all around the world that are here and bottlerock is second to none. we call it mom coachella. so how does it rate on a scale of 1 to 10? >> i would say an 11, if that can even exist. it's a wonderful event. i've been coming here for the past four years. it's an

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amazing mecca. if you love everything to do with food, wine and music. she was smoking. >> and now again, there may still be a few general admission tickets for tonight, but the rest of the thing is sold out next weekend, june first and second right here. same place. the spectacular latina festival, lo onda la onda with stars mana junior h and alejandro fernandez, just to name a few. but right now we're bottle rocking and they are rocking all over the place and people continue to pour on in live tom vacar ktvu fox two news. >> yeah, it's always a good time there, tom. it's funny though, when you think about what this was like when it first started and boy, what it is today. i'm it's such a successful event. >> it's not only successful, it is successful on every level. you can be successful. they have great acts, they have great food, they have great everything. plus it's a family deal. you can come by yourself and rock out and have fun. but

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if you have a family, this is a perfectly good place to go. and by the way, they have so much security here. just to make sure it stays that way, that it's very impressive. it's not obvious or intrusive. it's there though, and i noticed that when i do stories where security is required, they've done a great job here. >> all right, tom vacar have fun up there at bottlerock. appreciate it. all right. >> well, we have an update tonight after a shooting during a graduation ceremony at skyline high school in oakland last night. three people are now recovering in the hospital, and we've learned at least one person is now in custody. ktvu is joey huerta has been following this story throughout the day. he joins us now live from the newsroom with the latest on the investigation. joey. well alex, right now police are still looking for additional shooters, in this case at new at five. >> there's now a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. so far, they have detained multiple people and arrested one adult. police say this all started with a fight between two groups of people

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after the graduation. a rite of passage for teens turns violent. oakland police are in investigating a shooting that happened shortly after the skyline high school graduation. police say shots were fired on campus around 745 thursday night as people were leaving the ceremony. police say two groups got into a fight in the school parking lot, resulting in multiple people being shot. >> we heard the gunshots. >> zaidi yucel has lived right across the street from the school for close to 30 years and ran outside and it reminded me as soon as i heard the shots, this recent shooting in uvalde, texas, oakland unified school district tells ktvu many families and students had already left the campus, but others, including staff members, were still on hand cleaning up. >> i was there because my brother was graduating and he's okay, but it's kind of crazy because skyline alum josh manly works at the church down the

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street, where a sign salutes the graduates. he left campus before the shooting, but his 16 year old brother was still there. they heard the shots, but they thought it was just more confetti cannons. >> but then people started screaming and they got out of there pretty quick. >> oakland unified superintendent doctor kyla johnson travel calls the shooting heartbreaking and absolutely unacceptable, while adding as a community, we must not tolerate violence and instead work together to eliminate it. >> in oakland, having a gunshots and guns bringing into school, it is difficult to digest. it is concerning assembly member mia bonta tweeting my heart is with the students, families and skyline high school staff and educators now. >> oakland police found two shooting victims on campus, a man and a woman. a third victim was found in a nearby hospital later, police say all three are expected to survive and no other

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details been released on the person who's been arrested. alex and joey. >> obviously, this is raising questions about what kind of security there was on the campus last night for the graduation ceremony and what may change moving forward in the district. well, what we can tell you, alex, is that we have just learned this in the last hour here. >> oakland police now saying they'll be on hand at graduations for both high schools and colleges in the future. here in oakland, unified , also planning to have additional safety and security measures for its upcoming graduations this season. alex >> yeah, that does make sense. joey hawthorne live with the latest in our newsroom. thank you. joey. a group seeking to recall oakland mayor shengtao says they do have enough signatures to put that recall on the november ballot. the group called oakland united to recall. shengtao says they've collected more than 30,000 signatures, surpassing the required 25,000. they say when they collect over 40,000 signatures, they will then submit them for verification when they argue mayor tao has failed in a variety of ways to crack down on

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crime. >> i got into this recall because i was just so concerned and disappointed with the state of oakland, with how her under her leadership, she has brought oakland down. she she deflects. she says things are not her fault, but she's the mayor and she has to be held accountable. >> the group says they believe the recall will be successful. they point to a poll indicating that 56% of likely voters would vote to replace her. we have reached out to the mayor's office for a comment. >> well, a high school student in santa rosa has been arrested for allegedly pulling out a knife during a fight on campus. it happened at montgomery high school on wednesday. police say a video appears to show a 15 year old boy holding a folding knife during a fight with another student, but that the blade was not extended during the fight. the teen, though now facing several charges, including felony assault with a deadly weapon, the knife used in this incident was not found.

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>> community and health care leaders in santa clara county are stepping up their fight to save the trauma center at regional medical center of san jose. >> ktvu crystal bailey is here now with the action that they're taking. >> crystal well, advocates say the planned closure of the trauma center will put lives at risk, and they want the state to step in. community leaders are calling on attorney general rob bonta to investigate what they call discriminatory closures at regional medical center. they say the privately owned hospital in east san jose plans to shut down not just the trauma center, but its heart attack clinic. it's also looking to downgrade its stroke center. the hospital is owned by hca healthcare, which the advocates say is the largest for profit public hospital corporation in the u.s. the trauma center serves more than 2400 patients a year. the stroke center serves 65% of patients in the county without insurance. the head of stroke and neuroscience at the hospital says delays in care could be dangerous to patients. >> and if you take this lifeline

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of where would these people go? i mean, we just calculated the impact. every day there will be at least 5 to 7 patients who will either have increased mortality or morbidity. >> the trauma center is set to close in august. the hospital says it's because not enough people are using it. community leaders say the closure will impact people of color and underserved communities the hardest. >> the aca health care may own and profit from this facility, but health care is our human right and the health care delivery system belongs to the entire community. we should see and fight for the services at this hospital, the same way we see and fight for our neighborhood parks, our libraries, and safe streets. >> in a statement, the spokesperson said the hospital is focusing on emergency services with a $10 million investment to increase capacity from 43 to 63 beds. he added, quote, patient demand for our

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emergency department services continues to grow as we average nearly 225 patients daily, it is critical we invest in our emergency department to meet today's high demand and prepare for anticipated increases. now, if the trauma center at regional does shut down as expected, the closest trauma centers for people living in the area are miles away at santa clara valley medical center, kaiser and stanford hospital. krystal bailey, ktvu, fox two news. >> crystal, thank you. an invasive mosquito is spreading across the south bay. what county officials say they're doing differently after previous efforts to eliminate the pest did not work. >> plus, a report from the california justice department nearly three years after antioch police officers shot and killed a man. why investigators are not recommending criminal charges and tensions building in a san francisco neighborhood after a lake filled with trash continues to grow. >> where it's coming from and what residents want to be done about it. >> as we slide into the holiday

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weekend, we're talking about the day and the temperatures was well below average. we'll pinpoint your neighborhood forecast. the bay area outlo on

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just an ice storm. it started as an empty lot of land and is now a small lake. as you can see here. filled with lots of trash. ktvu zac sos has more now on the concern from neighbors. >> it started out as small little ponds and it turned into a great big pond. >> no, it does not. >> neighbors eyeing a vacant lot at shipley and fifth and san francisco's soma district, transforming over the last few weeks into a putrid, trash

5:16 pm

filled urban lake of sorts. >> i'd say it's been about six weeks now, and it's gradually been rising. at first it started as like kind of a very shallow pond, and it's just been growing ever since. >> the question on everyone's mind where's the water coming from? >> at first, maybe i thought it was coming from the c. >> a building permit at the site is registered to three 65th llc, the san francisco business times reporting that in 2017, the city approved plans for a 127 unit residential building here, but the construction stalled after the site's developer failed to make monthly loan payments on the property. the site's future now in limbo. >> they had the pump over there running, and it's been shut down. >> the san francisco public utilities commission says it sent a crew out thursday to collect water samples at the site, but that they were unable to gain access due to the fence. right now, they think the source of the flooding is likely. groundwater maps of the area from the 19 century indicate a

5:17 pm

marsh at the site. >> our building is going to start sinking, i don't really know, and with the warmer summer months approaching, neighbors also worried once it starts warming up. >> it's a big, big, big mosquito mess and you know, god knows what other airborne diseases that can carry. >> hopefully the city or somebody will come in and put something in there. >> a violation posted monday from the city's public works department appears to be tied to a container on the sidewalk. as for the standing water, the city's department of building inspection says it's looking into the situation. >> message the city is find out who's responsible and hold them to that zac sos ktvu fox two news. >> i walked past that almost every day. we did reach out to the developer tied to that site. so far we have not heard back. we're also waiting to hear from the city on how it plans to address all of this. >> the environmental protection agency says more than 300 public drinking water systems, including some here in the bay area, contain more forever chemicals than new limits allow.

5:18 pm

the test results come after the epa set new limits on how much pfas, or forever chemicals, can be in drinking water. these chemicals are nearly impossible to destroy, and they're associated with a higher risk of various types of cancer. now water utilities will have to either filter their water or find different water sources in order to fall under the new limit. new. at 5:00, an invasive mosquito is taking a concerning hold in santa clara county. the bugs were first discovered earlier this year, but efforts to eradicate them so far have been unsuccessful. ktvu mark sayer joining us now live from the county's vector control office tonight with a look at this new plan. mark what's the what's the idea here? >> well, alex, these particular mosquitoes are active during the daytime hours. and starting next week, this special truck is actually going to be driving through the impacted neighborhoods, spraying a chemical designed to kill the larvae of the mosquitoes to prevent their reproduction.

5:19 pm

>> so then we'll go ahead and take her and put her in an ice box. taylor. >> kelly with santa clara county vector control, is checking mosquito traps, which have been set in this quiet residential neighborhood in the east san jose foothills. connected. nobody knows how these mosquitoes arrived here, but the fact that they are taking hold in a residential neighborhood is of particular concern. >> as of april, our surveillance team has found 12 mosquitoes, which poses a significant public risk to our community. >> the mosquitoes in question are called aedes aegypti, and while they are not native to california, they do exist in some counties in central and southern california. but the concern is that they can transmit diseases which are harmful to humans. >> the mosquito is known to transmit diseases like zika, yellow fever, chikungunya and dengue. >> doctor monica roy, with santa clara county public health, says the health risk right now is low. but stopping the mosquitoes now is important. >> if the mosquito were to

5:20 pm

become established, this would pose a risk to everyone in our community but would be particularly concerning for our pregnant people, elderly family members and those with compromised immune systems. >> at any given time, there are between 30 and 45 traps like this one. in this neighborhood. every day staff members come here, take the contents out and take them to the lab for analysis, and then they move them to different locations to try to capture the widest sample possible. >> the mosquito i heard will kill people. >> vector control says residents in this area have been cooperative with allowing inspections for standing water, such as puddles, dog bowls and bird feeders. shu tang lives across the street from some of the traps, so anything they do, including spraying to kill these mosquitoes. okay with you? >> yes, of course i'm happy. okay. i'm glad they do it. >> now, the vector control district is already sending out notices about the upcoming spraying. it will hold a community meeting this tuesday

5:21 pm

at 6:00. that's at the alum rock branch library. and this truck will be out on the streets beginning daytime spraying, which will obviously be much more noticeable to residents than the normal spraying that occurs in the nighttime hours. at 8:30 a.m. on wednesday morning in the affected neighborhood of east san jose, reporting live from san jose. i'm mark sayer, ktvu, fox two news. all right. >> let's hope these new measures work here to address this mosquito population. mark. thank you. >> okay. it's time for last call if you are heading on out to bottle rock, well, make sure you have a jacket and have a great time. at 630 tonight we have saint vincent followed by stevie nicks at 830 tonight. and your bottle rock forecast does call for temperature at 60 degrees. now. meanwhile, with traverse on over to our live weather camera looking out towards the mostly cloudy sky right now we have a deck down to about 1500ft to 1900ft. mostly cloudy and we have whipping winds as well. in

5:22 pm

fact, right now our temperatures are pretty much in the 50s and low 60s. it is 68 degrees in fairfield and 69 degrees in the santa rosa area, 58 in fremont, backing through union city winds. well, they are gusting up and that contributes to right now the temperature change difference. it's about 20 degrees cooler in concord and in livermore at this hour compared to yesterday. wind speeds are at 24 in fairfield. otherwise, look at the gusty winds. napa at 3032 buchanan field in concord. 28 sfo, 20 in mountain view and 21 mile per hour winds right now at mineta. this is really interesting. see this right here. this is a trough. this is what's bringing us the cloud cover, enhancing our marine layer. and also the cooler air aloft. it is sparking ahead of it. some showers around the spine of the sierra nevada. we've seen a couple of lightning strikes around mammoth lakes. all this would dissipate for your saturday. if you have traveling plans for this holiday. 76 degrees at the state

5:23 pm

capitol when the average high is 82. hey, palm springs, typically at 96 degrees, but 89 for saturday earlier burn off for your saturday. locally breezy winds will continue and it will be cool mid 50s to low 70s. we will pinpoint your neighborhood forecast. heather and alex. that's still coming up. >> all right. we'll see you in a bit roberta. thank you. you could say san francisco's union square is getting a level up from a video game giant. nintendo announced today it will be opening its second u.s. location in the city next year. the company has one location in new york city and three in its home country of japan. the store is typically contained life size models of their classic characters, plus video games and exclusive merchandise. it's welcome news for san francisco, as several businesses have left union square recently and the area continues to struggle to reach prepandemic levels of traffic. >> still ahead tonight, inviting doctors from arizona across the border to perform abortions here

5:24 pm

in california. how the new state law is expected to affect patients. >> and coming up tonight on the news at 6:00, a big day for some high school students in east oakland, as many of them noun studies show people like to get more for less. so i'm giving you not just 1 jumbo jack burger... ...but 2, for only 5 bucks! statistically speaking that's a lot more for a lot less. at jack, every bite's a big deal. welcome to jack in the box!

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get two of my egg & cheese biscuits with a freshly cracked egg anytime of the day for just $4.50! yup! that's two biscuits for just $4.50. two for $4.50. two for... i said it four and a half times... you know... because you can get two biscuits for just $4.50. welcome to jack in the box! temporary medical license to provide abortion services to their patients here in california. >> that bill was signed into law yesterday by governor newsom.

5:27 pm

ktvu jana katsuyama has reaction tonight from the bill's supporters and its critics. >> state senator nancy skinner of oakland led the charge to get sb 233 signed into law this week. that law now allows arizona doctors to come to california and provide abortion care here. >> california had to offer a lifeline to our sisters in arizona and to doctors so that doctors could immediately. arizona doctors could immediately get a california medical license. >> skinner heads the women's legislative caucus and says the bill is urgently needed because of an old law. the arizona courts had resurrected. >> and this law would have basically threatened any doctor or any abortion provider with a prison sentence. >> although the arizona legislature has since repealed that law, skinner says arizona doctors and their patients are still in danger. >> the way their legislative session works, that law, their repeal, does not go into effect

5:28 pm

until late in the fall. >> members of pro-life san francisco say they oppose the new california law. >> the legislature should be working to put them in contact with these families, rather than offering abortion as a solution. it is at best, a band-aid to a problem that exists in our community and at worst, a violent solution. >> the law requires arizona doctors to send an application to the california medical board or osteopathic medical board for approval. >> that doctor has to be in good standing, have their medical license, their arizona license in good standing, and has to have performed an abortion, so has to have that capability. >> skinner says the law allows arizona doctors to get the temporary medical licenses through november 30th in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu, fox two news. >> less than an hour away from maximum enforcement, the chp message to anyone getting behind the wheel this memorial day

5:29 pm

weekend. >> plus, as a world court puts more pressure on israel to scale back its military efforts in gaza, the country is now getting more support from its allies on capitol hill and what singapore airlines says it will do differently after flight hitting severe turbulence resulted in a passenger' death

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and parking it here for the night! ♪ so come get away... together... to the incredible, unforgettable illinois— the middle of everything. ♪ for the memorial day weekend

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from 6:00 tonight until midnight on tuesday morning. drivers can expect a bigger presence of officers on patrol out on the freeways targeting reckless behavior. this includes driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding through traffic and distracted driving. the chp says having more officers on the roadways will allow them to respond to issues more quickly and hopefully save lives. >> if you have been drinking, take advantage of those rideshare services a taxi, public transportation, or if you have to just walk. but absolutely, we're going to be definitely, probably seeing, dui drivers out there on the road and hopefully being able to take them off. >> the chp says more than 1100 people were arrested for dui, and 46 people were killed in crashes statewide during last memorial day weekend. >> and now we go to palo alto, where police are investigating a robbery where three masked suspec sto $30,000 in cigarets right from a delivery truck. it happened yeste

5:33 pm

morning while the truck was making a delivery at a l s station on elin real, near california avenue. the suspects entered the truck's trailer ande inside. he assumed the suspects had a gun, but none waenr displayed. the suspects, though, took several tote boxes full of cigarets and dumped them into a waiting vehicle. >> the state department of justice is recommending improvements at the antioch police department after a deadly shooting in 2021, but no criminal charges are being recommended against the officers involved. officers were called to the home of guadalupe zavala on a report of a man who was shooting at homes and cars during a six hour long standoff. investigators say zavala also fired rounds at officers de-escalation efforts were unsuccessful, and police fatally shot him as he ran toward an armored vehicle. the doj is recommending the antioch police ensure that officers are equipped with communications devices that can operate in hilly areas, and that they can

5:34 pm

communicate effectively with officers from other agencies. >> hunter biden will stand trial on federal gun charges next month. the son of president biden attended a pretrial hearing in delaware this morning before the trial starts on june 3rd. he's accused of lying about his drug use when he filled out a gun application form to purchase a colt cobra revolver back in 2018, hunter biden has acknowledged an addiction to crack cocaine at the time, but his lawyers claim he did not break the law and say this case is politically motivated. >> in his memoir, beautiful things, hunter biden describes in detail, struggling with a drug addiction around this time period, republicans are likely to seize a new on embarrassing details that emerge from the trial to attack president biden, even as trump himself is facing criminal charges in four separate cases, hunter biden was supposed to stand trial in a separate case later in june in california on federal tax charges, but a judge recently

5:35 pm

agreed to push that trial back to september 5th. >> the vice presidential matchup for the 2024 election remains unclear. vice president kamala harris is on the ticket with president biden, but on the gop side, former president trump has yet to name his running mate, arkansas senator tom cotton is thought to be one of the leading contenders for the job. this is among a prospective pool that includes four of his fellow members of congress, a governor, as well as former un ambassador and presidential nominee nikki haley. senator cotton says he hasn't heard anything about a potential vp bid. >> the president and the campaign has not reached out to me. i suspect only donald trump knows who's really on his short list. when we do talk, we talk about what it's going to take to win this election in november. very much. >> this is some turnout. >> trump says he may wait until the republican national convention to name his running mate. that is seven weeks away. >> the israeli army says it has now recovered three more bodies

5:36 pm

of hostages in gaza. authorities say they were killed when hamas forces stormed a music festival on october 7th, and their bodies were taken back to gaza. this comes after almost a week after israel found three other bodies on the strip. about 100 hostages are reportedly still being kept in gaza as israel continues its offensive. some israelis within the country are growing more frustrated, with prime minister benjamin netanyahu's handling of bringing those hostages back. meantime, a united nations court has ordered israel to halt its military operation in rafah. the ruling by the international court of justice states israel must ensure access for any fact finding or investigative mission sent by the united nations to investigate allegations of genocide brought by south africa. netanyahu has repeatedly denied the claims of genocide and says the invasion of rafah will not stop. >> israel must immediately halt its military offensive and any other action in the rafah

5:37 pm

governorate, which may inflict on the palestinian group in gaza conditions of life that could bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part. >> rafah is where four of the 24 terrorist battalions of the hamas terrorist army are there. we can't leave them there any more that the allies could leave 20% of the army intact. >> in germany, the un court has no way of enforcing its order, but it does add to the international pressure on israel. >> and as that pressure grows on israel, some lawmakers on capitol hill are extending their support for their ally. >> we will soon be hosting prime minister netanyahu at the capitol for a joint session of congress, house speaker mike johnson confirmed this week. >> the israeli prime minister is invited to washington dc, though he did not say when that visit will happen. if netanyahu does address congress, a number of democrats say they will boycott that joint session. >> an american citizen is now

5:38 pm

coming home after being held in turks and caicos for having loose ammunition in his luggage. brian hager was spared a lengthy prison sentence under turks and caicos strict gun laws. he was arrested at an airport more than three months ago. the judge issued a suspended sentence and ordered him to pay a $6,700 fine. hager says the ammunition was from a hunting trip, and he didn't know it was in his luggage. >> zero idea that those bullets were in there and you know, i've always considered myself to be a responsible gun owner, i've always, you know, taught my kids gun safety. >> and that day is potentially tomorrow, hager is one of five americans facing a similar charge. three of them are still detained on the island. one has a court hearing set for tuesday. >> still ahead tonight, american airlines backtracking in a legal fight over a former flight attendant accused of planting a hidden camera inside a plane's bathroom. how the airline

5:39 pm

appeared to blame a nine year old girl for being secretly recorded. >> plus, one of the biggest players in the craft beer scene now scaling back why lagunitas is pulli i

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5:41 pm

has died, his family said today. he died at the age of 53 after battling cancer. spurlock's

5:42 pm

documentary of only eating mcdonald's for 30 days is still used for educational purposes, and some school health classes. his film is said to have changed the way that some fast food places market their menu, now emphasizing freshness and farm to table initiatives. >> singapore airlines is changing its seatbelt sign policy after a passenger died during extreme turbulence earlier this week. the airline will no longer provide hot drink and meal services when the seatbelt sign is on. an elderly man died and dozens of others suffered serious injuries when a flight from london was forced to make an emergency landing because of severe turbulence. american airlines is walking back. a court filing that appeared to blame a nine year old girl for not noticing a hidden camera in a plane bathroom, federal prosecutors say american airlines flight attendant estes carter thompson, the third, tried to record the girl during a boston bound flight. the airline then argued

5:43 pm

that any injuries suffered were caused by the girl's own fault, and negligence because, quote, she knew or should have known there was a recording device. a company spokesperson now says the wording was a mistake and that the airline doesn't believe the child is at fault for what happened. coming up tonight. take a walk along the taco trail in the city of concord. up next, one of the highlights from our first zip trip of the summer. >> you just made me very, very hungry. hey, it was up to 17 degrees cooler today than yesterday. may the impact this will have on your memorial holiday eekend norman, bad news... i never graduated from med school. what? -but the good news is...

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always so much fun friday mornings all summer long. the nine will be live on the road in different cities and towns, showcasing the unique history food that should not be missed among other things. today we took our show to the east bay city of concord, ktvu sal castaneda takes us for a walk along the concord taco trail, home to some of the best authentic taquerias here in the bay area. >> new concord had so many places to get a taco. in fact, concord taco scene is so robust the city promotes a so-called taco trail, a list of taquerias you work your way through. first stop by hit on the taco trail is mercado del sol, where the tortillas are handmade from scratch. the tacos are amazing,

5:47 pm

but that's not all. the extensive menu keeps people coming back. >> yes, we're all regulars. >> i have to get my, my fix every so often. >> if i just came here for the first time ever, what would you suggest i order? >> oh my gosh, i love everything on the menu. everything that i've tried is amazing. if it's a cold day, it's nice, warm soup, meats. perfect, the quesabirria and the queso camaron. a queso poyo as well, all of those are excellent. it's like, just fried . perfectly nice and cheesy, an amazing, consommé, which is awesome. i love their chile rellenos. >> i feel like that's a lot. i can't eat all that. >> no, but i love. i love all the food, it's for you. >> we also found some recently arrived from mexico who come here for the roast chicken, which is prepared a lot like it's done south of the border. >> offering a taste of home. this is a family business where mom, dad and son work together every day. what makes the food

5:48 pm

so authentic? >> we just family recipes. old family recipes come from grandma to aunties to mom to now. so what we serve is what i grew up eating. >> fabian lopez says his family takes pride in doing things right, and the customers seem to know the difference. since i was on a mission to try tacos, i had them make me a plate lamb barbacoa, smoked mesquite wood, rice and beans, and a special sauce that we use. we also tried the chicken tacos. see, i would drive here for this since this is a taco trail, it didn't have to go far to get to the next stop. el rancho mexican food started from a food truck in the 1990s and is now a taco shop. taco tuesdays here has people coming from neighboring cities for the great deal. >> every tuesday they have taco tuesdays. it's four of these tacos for $10, and you can get a choice of chicken, beef and pork. >> those look delicious.

5:49 pm

>> they are absolutely delicious . my go to place for mexican food and i come all the way from san ramon. what? yeah as a nice addition. >> the family that runs this taco shop also started a mexican and latin food store next door. >> the reason we went to the store is we saw the need in our community. >> here you can get mexican, pan dulce, mexican pastries baked from scratch every day. there we go. that's the one i want. there is so much more to eat and drink and conquered one. a good traditional pizza. skipolini's is right on todos santos plaza. traditional pies and a family atmosphere. mikuni sushi was also recommended by a local for great roles, teriyaki and more. >> and that was ktvu sal castaneda reporting for us and our season of zip trips. we're just getting started here. make sure you join us for our next adventure two weeks from today. that's when we will be live in saratoga. from the serene hakone

5:50 pm

gardens to the picturesque mountain winery, we're uncovering what makes this silicon valley city a unique gem . you can watch our mornings on to the nines zip trip to saratoga, coming up on friday, june 7th, right here on ktvu, fox two, and of course, streaming on the fox local app. >> yep. not to be missed. not to be missed. okay. take it away, roberta. heather, the gang was having so much fun out there. >> mornings on two this morning and i noticed garcia and them, they had a bundle up a little bit. it was breezy and the high temperature, it cooled 17 degrees in concord today compared to yesterday. in fact. take a look at your neighborhood today. the outside number was 74, in santa rosa. took a while to get there though. 67 degrees in san jose. that was ten degrees cooler than yesterday. livermore checked in at 63, 16 degrees cooler than what it was on thursday. all of these temperatures 5060s and few low 70s. the clouds have been

5:51 pm

breaking up right there. oh, it's not evening yet. the sun does set at 813 tonight. meanwhile, we do have current air temperatures in the 50s and 60s. but when you factor in the winds, that's when it feels downright raw. these numbers are up to 19 degrees cooler at this hour, and it feels like it compared to thursday. the winds are gusting up to 28mph. in novato, 32 at buchanan field and concord, 20 at sfo, and mineta has a wind gusts up to 21mph. this is very impressive. here. watch this right here. this is a trough. it took a nosedive out of the gulf of alaska. it's streaming down in a southerly direction in advance of it. we have some showers that have been picking up along the spine of the sierra nevada. and even some lightning strikes. all this will move out for the weekend and the greater lake tahoe area. watch our future cats. look how the clouds thicken in the overnight hours. did you see that really quickly there? oh, i wish i could turn it backwards for you there. that was a trough breezing through tonight and it is enhancing our marine layer. so tomorrow morning sun up is at

5:52 pm

551 and we will see some condensation in the form of drizzle from the thickness of this marine layer. and then it all wipes out earlier than what it did today. that will allow the temperatures to go up just a couple of notches before the marine layer reforms on saturday night, but not as overcast on your sunday. tonight, some good sleeping weather. 47 degrees in santa rosa. how about those 40s in napa and in throughout the tri valley. low and mid 50s around the peninsula. 51 in oakland. and speaking of oakland, we got ourselves a baseball game tonight. we do have justin verlander on the mound for the bad guys. yeah, they are bad guys. and for the good guys here, the oakland a's first pitch is at 640. the temperature will be in 61 degrees. but you know the drill. dress in layers. it will be a bit on the chilly side at the ballpark. here we go with tomorrow's daytime highs 56 to right around 7374 degrees again. and your extended forecast does call for some morning drizzle on saturday then warmer

5:53 pm

temperatures sunday. a little bit more seasonal for your monday and bright sunshine for memorial day. bottle rock if you're heading on out there. breezy to windy conditions, but enjoy it. lots of sunshine. have a great weekend, gang! >> okay, thanks so much, roberta. appreciate it. lagunitas brewing is closing its operations in the midwest. the petaluma based brewery opened a facility in chicago ten years ago as it expanded to the eastern half of the u.s, but now it's closing that huge brewery in august and consolidating all brewing back to the north bay, lagunitas said it is working to future proof the organization amid changing tides in the industry. >> beer is flat to down over the last year, just kind of overall l. so if you're not growing, you have to make some uncomfortable decisions in times like these. this was a facility that was built to make a million barrels of beer every year. taking that out of the equation is going to have a big impact on the beer industry has been declining in

5:54 pm

the last few years as alcohol consumption trends change. >> the brewers association says beer production and imports down about 5% overall in 2023. all right, as a lot of americans get ready to celebrate the memorial day weekend, a new survey reveals just how many do not know the true meaning behind the holiday. >> yeah. coming up tonight on the news at 6:00, the state's high speed rail project is close to getting past a major hurdle, but plenty of others remain, including the project's price tag. plus >> high school seniors in the east in east oakland. excuse me? celebrating their decisions on where to attend college in the fall. the support they say,

5:55 pm

5:56 pm

5:57 pm

americans seem to be confused about fox's steve harrigan explains. >> as americans gather with friends and family this holiday weekend, it's important to remember the reason we celebrate memorial day. >> it's an opportunity to really honor and remember those who

5:58 pm

paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> still, a new usaa survey reveals that less than half of american adults understand the true meaning of the holiday. the survey also shows 45% of respondents think an appropriate way to observe memorial day is to wish a veteran happy memorial day and thank them for their service, a tradition reserved for veterans day in november. >> what i would rather the american people do is fully understand that today isn't about celebrating the living, it is about honoring those who gave their life for this country. >> retired army major general john richardson says the ultimate sacrifice made by more than 600,000 service members since world war one afforded us the freedom to spend memorial day weekend kicking off summer. but he says it's important to take the time to remember those who died. >> it can be flying your flag at half staff, visiting a national cemetery, or even your local war

5:59 pm

memorial. >> one of those memorials is the usaa poppy wall in washington, d.c, with one poppy, the international symbol of remembrance, representing each lost military member. >> if we can remember 1 or 2 of our fellow americans across this country, that will be impactful, especially for the gold star families. >> a nationwide moment of silence honoring fallen military members will be held at 3 p.m. on monday. in atlanta, steve harrigan, ketv you. fox two news. >> next at 6:00, we're learning new details about what led up to a shooting at the skyline high school graduation in oakland, leaving three people hurt. plus she is toast. >> we say tao is toast. >> critics of oakland mayor shengtao say they have the signatures to try to recall her on the november ballot. the next steps of the process also, red

6:00 pm

hot mama was really gas doing it good and doing it fast. >> more than 120,000 people expected to make their way up to napa this weekend, as the bottlerock music festival kicks off. >> this is katy icu fox two news at six and good evening everyone. >> i'm alex savage and i'm heather holmes, and we begin tonight with new details from that shooting as skyline high school in oakland that left three people hurt. >> the shooting happened just after last night's commencement ceremony. ktvu is joey huerta is joining us now here in the studio with some of the new details we're learning from police. >> that's right. alex and heather tonight. right now, police say that they're still looking for additional shooters. and there's now a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. and so far, they've detained multiple people and arrested one adult. police say it all started with a fight between two groups of people after the graduation, a rite of passage for teens

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