TJX Companies (TJX) - Revenue (2024)

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TJX Companies (TJX) - Revenue (2024)


What is the annual revenue of TJX Companies? ›

TJX revenue for the twelve months ending April 30, 2024 was $54.913B, a 9.14% increase year-over-year. TJX annual revenue for 2024 was $54.217B, a 8.57% increase from 2023. TJX annual revenue for 2023 was $49.936B, a 2.85% increase from 2022. TJX annual revenue for 2022 was $48.55B, a 51.07% increase from 2021.

How is TJX doing financially? ›

(NYSE: TJX), the leading off-price apparel and home fashions retailer in the U.S. and worldwide, today announced sales and operating results for the first quarter ended May 4, 2024. Net sales for the first quarter of Fiscal 2025 were $12.5 billion, an increase of 6% versus the first quarter of Fiscal 2024.

What is TJX revenue for 2024? ›

In 2024, TJX Companies generated net sales of approximately 54.2 billion U.S. dollars, up from about 49.9 billion dollars registered a year earlier. TJX Companies operate in four main segments: Marmaxx and HomeGoods, both in the United States, TJX Canada, and TJX International.

Is TJX a Fortune 100 company? ›

The TJX Companies, Inc. , a Fortune 100 company, is the leading off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions in the U.S. and worldwide.

Is TJX in debt? ›

Total debt on the balance sheet as of April 2024 : $12.64 B

According to TJX Companies's latest financial reports the company's total debt is $12.64 B. A company's total debt is the sum of all current and non-current debts.

Who owns TJX? ›

The ownership structure of TJX Companies (TJX) stock is a mix of institutional, retail and individual investors. Approximately 47.04% of the company's stock is owned by Institutional Investors, 0.48% is owned by Insiders and 52.48% is owned by Public Companies and Individual Investors.

Who is TJX biggest competitor? ›

The main competitors of TJX Companies include Ross Stores (ROST), Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF), GAP (GPS), Urban Outfitters (URBN), American Eagle Outfitters (AEO), Foot Locker (FL), Buckle (BKE), Caleres (CAL), Guess? (GES), and Shoe Carnival (SCVL). These companies are all part of the "apparel retail" industry.

What is the future of TJX? ›

TJX Stock 12 Month Forecast

Based on 19 Wall Street analysts offering 12 month price targets for TJX Companies in the last 3 months. The average price target is $115.59 with a high forecast of $132.00 and a low forecast of $100.00. The average price target represents a 4.53% change from the last price of $110.58.

Why is TJX so successful? ›

We love our bright, modern stores, and our lean, no-frills way of working helps us pass amazing merchandise at fantastic prices on to our customers. All of these factors allow us to offer you a desirable and rapidly changing mix of high quality merchandise, always at amazing values!

Is TJ Maxx doing well? ›

TJX, which runs brands like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Homegoods, saw sales grow 6% to $12.48 billion, compared to estimates of $12.46 billion, according to LSEG. That's on top of the 3% sales increase the retailer saw in the prior-year period.

Is HomeGoods owned by Target? ›

HomeGoods is owned by TJX Companies and is a sister company to T.J. Maxx, Sierra Trading Post, and Marshalls. The size of each store varies by location. There are locations in the United States that combine both the HomeGoods and the T.J.

How does TJX make money? ›

Being less expensive to serve means TJX's profit margin begins in their supply chain. The company prefers to buy straight from suppliers rather than purchasing from third party liquidators, although they do serve as a liquidation channel for merchandise companies.

Is TJX a profitable company? ›

TJX gross profit for the twelve months ending April 30, 2024 was $16.597B, a 18.44% increase year-over-year. TJX annual gross profit for 2024 was $16.266B, a 17.98% increase from 2023.

Is TJX a good stock to buy? ›

TJX is a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) stock, with a Value Style Score of B and VGM Score of A. Shares are currently trading at a forward P/E of 23.8X for the current fiscal year compared to the Retail - Discount Stores industry's P/E of 20.6X. Additionally, TJX has a PEG Ratio of 2.5 and a Price/Cash Flow ratio of 20.3X.

Who is the CEO of TJ Maxx? ›

The CEO of TJX Companies is Ernie Herrman.

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