Saxies Lake Worth (2024)

1. Health Inspections: 10 Palm Beach County restaurants cited for pests

  • Nov 3, 2022 · Saxies, 618 W. Lantana Road, was closed Oct ... Palm Beach Skate Zone 2012 LLC at 8125 Lake Worth Road had a perfect inspection Oct. ... Lake Ave.

  • Twenty-nine restaurants in Palm Beach County failed to meet health, safety standards last week, resulting in four temporary closures from Jupiter to West Palm.

2. Saxies | Palm Beach County | Restaurant Inspections

3. Online Menu of Saxies, Lantana, FL - MenuPix

  • View the menu for Saxies and restaurants in Lantana, FL. See restaurant menus, reviews, ratings, phone number, address, hours, photos and maps.

  • View the menu for Saxies and restaurants in Lantana, FL. See restaurant menus, reviews, ratings, phone number, address, hours, photos and maps.

4. Beach Club Lake Worth

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  • Bradley’s Beach Club is situated in in the Beautiful Old Florida Charm of Lake Worth Golf Course. We are a casual affordable restaurant and Bar. We serve Breakfast lunch and dinner 7 days a week. We have cultivated a nice family crowd and love to see the future of this City facility that was built in 1947 out playing golf and enjoying themselves. We have various events and activities for children and adults with an 18 hole championship golf course.

5. Benny's On The Beach | Best Florida Beach Restaurant

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  • Best Beach Restaurant in Lake Worth Beach, Florida serving Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Spanish Paella, Desserts, Drinks, Seafood Bakes & More!

6. Restaurant Owner Changes – 2022-23 -

  • ... LAKE CIR",,"ORLANDO","FL","32835","4075356281",58 ... WORTH","FL","33460","5615727490",60,"EL DIABLO ... SAXIES",,"618 W LANTANA RD",,,"LANTANA","FL","33462 ...

  • 1432125,"Approve Change Owner Request",07/01/2022,"200","2010","TIPTICHA INC","SEAT",,"TIPTICHA INC",,"127 E CALL ST",,"STARKE","FL","32091","9049648448",14,"TIP THAI CUISINE",,"127 E CALL ST",,,"STARKE","FL","32091",14,"9049648448","D5","20","SEA1400027",20,20,"06/01/2024","07/19/2023","155" 1432127,"Approve Change Owner Request",07/01/2022,"200","2010","GLENEL INVESTMENT LLC","NOST",,"GLENEL INVESTMENT LLC","BRUNO PLETSCHER","20305 NW 3 CT",,"MIAMI GARDENS","FL","33169","3053314512",23,"MAMA NELL'S CARIBBEAN SPICE",,"748 NW 22 RD",,,"FORT LAUDERDALE","FL","33311",16,"19548705388","D2","03","NOS1624341",20,20,"12/01/2023","02/28/2023","0" 166903,"Approve Change Owner Request",07/01/2022,"200","2014","AMERICAN TASTE","MFDV",,"AMERICAN TASTE","JOHAN BACALLAO","21301 SW 187 AVE",,"MIAMI","FL","33187","3059150391",23,"AMERICAN TASTE",,"195 NW 36 ST",,,"MIAMI","FL","33127",23,"7868391983","D1","14","MFD2359578",20,18,"10/01/2023","06/30/2023","0" 1432149,"Approve Change Owner Request",07/01/2022,"200","2010","FRESHII","SEAT",,"FRESHII",,"3732 WINDING LAKE CIR",,"ORLANDO","FL","32835","4075356281",58,"KAYJOH FOODS LLC",,"7600 DR PHILLIPS BLVD STE 10",,,"ORLANDO","FL","32819",58,"4075356281","D4","45","SEA5813540",20,20,"04/01/2024","01/09/2023","10" 1432172,"Approve Change Owner Request",07/01/2022,"200","2010","WENDCO OF TAMPA, LLC","SEAT",,"WENDCO OF TAMPA, LLC","Attn: Nichole Thomas","2121 DOVER ROAD",,"EPSOM","NH","03234",,,"WENDY'S OLD FASHIONED HAMBURGERS",,"4240 US 1...

7. October 2022 - Prairiebreak

  • Oct 27, 2022 · ... Saxies are still blooming away! I believe ... worth revisiting I think! ... One of innumerable enviable and fantastic plants in the gardens of Cathy ...

  • Horticultural and botanical musings from the Rockies, Great Plains and beyond. In humble tribute to Goddess Flora.

8. [PDF] AB&T No Sale List -

  • Mar 27, 2024 · ... LAKE COUNTY LLC. 05/13/2015. DANDY'S SANDWICH ... WORTH, FL. 04/08/2015. LAKE WORTH GOLF COURSE ... SAXIES. *. 6018557. BOCA HOSPITALITY GROUP, LLC.

Saxies Lake Worth (2024)


Is Lake Worth Beach a good area? ›

Lake Worth Beach is a very family oriented town. It has many types of communities; such as gated and open. There are many parks and community sanctioned events and activities. It is a pretty safe town to be in.

Why is Lake Worth called Lake Worth? ›

When the first settlers arrived in what was to become Palm Beach, the entire area was known as “Lake Worth”, named for Major General William Jenkins Worth who fought in the Second Seminole War.

Is it safe to swim in Lake Worth? ›

Toxicity – By toxicity we refer to man-made pollution. There are many cases where companies dump their waste into rivers and lakes, making the lakes very dangerous to swim in. Fortunately, if you plan to swim in Lake Worth, we have good news. There aren't any known sources that we could find of pollution in Lake Worth.

What is the crime rate in Lake Worth Beach? ›

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Lake Worth Beach is 1 in 36. Based on FBI crime data, Lake Worth Beach is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Florida, Lake Worth Beach has a crime rate that is higher than 82% of the state's cities and towns of all sizes.

Is there a difference between Lake Worth and Lake Worth Beach? ›

Lake Worth Beach, previously named Lake Worth, is a city in east-central Palm Beach County, Florida, United States, located about 63 miles (101 km) north of Miami. The city's name is derived from the body of water along its eastern border known as the Lake Worth Lagoon, which was named for General William J.

Does Lake Worth Beach have a boardwalk? ›

First, Lake Worth Beach Park is home to a beautiful boardwalk that also connects to the Lake Worth Pier. And just across Lake Worth Lagoon lies a second walkway, the Snook Islands Boardwalk.

What is Lake Worth, FL known for? ›

The charming city of Lake Worth Beach, located directly south of West Palm Beach on Florida's Southeast Coast, is a haven for anglers, art lovers, and families offering plenty to do, from boating, saltwater and freshwater fishing, and water sports to popular festivals and beach bonfires.

Can you drink alcohol on Lake Worth Beach? ›

Alcohol on the beach is prohibited. Kegs are prohibited.

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