Philadelphia Phillies Top 10 Career Batting Leaders | (2024)

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Philadelphia Phillies Top 10 Career Batting Leaders | (1)

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Philadelphia Phillies Top 10 Career Batting Leaders | (2024)


Philadelphia Phillies Top 10 Career Batting Leaders | ›

Bryce Harper joins 300-homer club, but Phillies can't hold on to sweep Angels. Harper becomes the 12th active player and 158th in baseball history to hit 300 home runs. Bryce Harper hit his 300th home run, the fifth player to do so in a Phillies uniform.

How many Phillies have hit 300 home runs? ›

Bryce Harper joins 300-homer club, but Phillies can't hold on to sweep Angels. Harper becomes the 12th active player and 158th in baseball history to hit 300 home runs. Bryce Harper hit his 300th home run, the fifth player to do so in a Phillies uniform.

Who is the hitting leader of the Phillies all-time? ›

Career batting
OPSBryce Harper.938
HitsJimmy Rollins2,306
Total basesMike Schmidt4,404
SinglesRichie Ashburn1,811
10 more rows

Who is the Phillies all-time wins leader? ›

As of January 2024, Steve Carlton leaded the ranking of the Philadelphia Phillies all-time wins leaders, having won a total of 241 games throughout his career. Carlton was followed within this ranking by Robin Roberts with a total of 234 games won.

Who is the best hitter in the Phillies history? ›

As of January 2024, Jimmy Rollins had the most hits in Philadelphia Phillies franchise history with 2,306 hits.

Who is the greatest Phillies player of all-time? ›

Mike Schmidt is not just the greatest Phillies player ever, he is the greatest 3rd Baseman period. 548 HRs, 10 Gold Gloves, 3 MVPs, and the MVP of the Phillies first ever World Series.

Who is the most popular Phillies player? ›

Most consider Mike Schmidt the greatest of all Phillies. He is the franchise leader in games, plate appearances, home runs, runs, RBI, and WAR. He's also the best third baseman of all-time in our rankings. “Schmitty” played his entire 18-year career in Philadelphia, with numerous accolades.

What is the Phillies best record ever? ›

The Phillies have thrice surpassed the century mark for wins in a season: in 1976 with 101 wins, when they made their first playoff appearance in twenty-six seasons; again the next season when they matched that mark; and in 2011, when they set the franchise single-season record for wins with 102 victories and clinched ...

Who hit the most home runs in Phillies history? ›

Mike Schmidt

Who is the Phillies best pitcher? ›

Bleacher Report's Tim Kelly looked around the league for the best starting pitching duos, Philadelphia's Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola came out on top. Wheeler and Nola are two of the best pitchers in the league, while also being two of the most durable. Since the start of the 2020 season, they are No. 1 and No.

Who is the fan favorite Phillies player? ›

Outfielder: Shane Victorino

Talk about being the type of player that can relate to the Phillies fans, Shane Victorino edged out a number of all-time great Phillies to earn this spot. That's because he's nearly the perfect, Philly fan-favorite.

Who is the bat boy for the Phillies? ›

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Philadelphia Phillies' bat boy is known for being quick on his feet, but the 25-year-old from New Jersey also wants to be known for giving back. "As soon as I get here, I'm pretty much rolling the rest of the day," Adam Crognale said before a game at Citizens Bank Park earlier this month.

Who has the most home runs in Phillies history? ›

The Philadelphia Phillies player that had scored the greatest number of home runs throughout their career as of January 2024 was Mike Schmidt with 548 home runs. This was followed by Ryan Howard with 382 home runs throughout his career.

How many MLB players have hit 300 home runs? ›

How many players have hit 300 home runs? The Pirates' star is the 160th player in baseball history to join the exclusive club. Andrew McCutchen was on the verge of reaching the milestone last season, but a season-ending Achilles injury in September ended his 2023 campaign early.

How many MLB players have 300 hits and 500 home runs? ›

Career hits: 3,020

Palmeiro, who also hit 569 home runs in his career, is one of seven players with both 3,000 hits and 500 homers, along with Miguel Cabrera, Albert Pujols, A-Rod, Eddie Murray, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron. "I was numb going around the bases," Palmeiro would say after the game. "I don't remember much."

How many home runs has Bryce Harper had with the Phillies? ›

281 batting average, 1,570 hits, 320 home runs, 933 RBIs and 1,032 runs scored.

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