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The Employee Benefit Logistics Difference

Employee Benefit Logistics (EBL) has developed value-added services translating health care costs into known, actionable components. We have partnered with vendors who are like-minded, driven and are making a difference. Everything we do is transparent, executed to deliver better value without compromising access through innovation and effective management. We are re-inventing how employer health care is purchased

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Unlock Your Potential

Business leaders like you are seeking solutions that not only control expenses but also ensure quality and add value to employee health care. Employee Benefit Logistics has developed what we believe is an innovative solution to the current employee benefit crisis: Defined Direct Employer Contracting using Referenced Based Pricing.

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Solutions Based Approach

At EBL, we bypass network and carrier dependencies, relying on Referenced Based Pricing for healthcare reimbursem*nt. Since 2014, our employer costs have remained consistent, with limited per-pay deductions increase or employee cost-sharing. This unique approach enables employers to consistently deliver more robust benefits at a more competitive rate than any of our counterparts.

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Transparency & Value

EBL prioritizes transparency, flexibility, and affordability, delivering direct financial benefits while ensuring a superior experience for valued employees, all without unnecessary costs or bureaucratic hurdles.

Employee Benefit Logistics (2024)
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