Destiny 2 - Episode: Echoes All Season Pass Rewards (2024)

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The Final Shape brought more than the epic conclusion to the 10-year-old story of this MMO. Like with any other expansion, we have the Episode: Echoes Season Pass for Destiny 2, and with it, a huge amount of rewards to obtain. Since keeping track of all of them might be too much for newcomers and veterans, we’ve decided to list all of them here. Furthermore, we’ve also included the rewards from all three Acts so you can see what awaits you further down the road.

Act 1 Rewards

If you started playing during the release of The Final Shape, you can start working on Episode: Echoes’ Act 1 of the Season Pass and, slowly but steadily, get your rewards. Here are all the ones you can get:


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RankFree-to-Play RewardPremium Season Pass Reward
1N/ARed Death Reformed (Pulse Rifle)
2Upgrade ModuleEnhancement Core x3
3Glimmer x10,000Upgrade Module x3
4Upgrade Module x 3Ritual Glimmer Boost 1
5Bright Dust x150Small Fireteam XP Boost
6Enhancement Core x3Echo Engram
7Bright EngramGlimmer x10,000
8Upgrade Module x 3Enhancement Core x3
9Glimmer x10,000Small XP Boost
10Enhancement Core x3The Final Slice (Finisher)
11Upgrade Module x 3Enhancement Core x3
12Glimmer x10,000Echo Engram
13Upgrade Module x 3Glimmer x10,000
14Legendary EngramUpgrade Module x 3
15Bright Dust x200Small XP Boost
16Enhancement Core x3Echo Engram
17Bright EngramGlimmer x15,000
18Glimmer x10,000Enhancement Core x3
19Enhancement Core x3Weapon Masterwork Bonus I
20Lost Signal (Grenade Launcher)Resonant Entrance (Transmat Effect)
21N/AEnhancement Core x3
22N/AEcho Engram
23Legendary EngramExotic Engram
24N/AUpgrade Module x 3
25Bright Dust x300Small Fireteam XP Boost
26N/AEcho Engram
27Bright EngramGlimmer x15,000
28N/AEnhancement Core x5
29N/AArms Masterwork Bonus
30Ill Omen (Sword)Unsated Curiosity (Shader)
31N/AFailsafe Reputation Bonus I
32N/AEcho Engram
33N/AGlimmer x15,000
34N/AUpgrade Module x 3
35Bright Dust x300Small XP Boost
36N/AEcho Engram
37Bright EngramGlimmer x20,000
38N/AEnhancement Core x5
39N/ALegs Masterwork Bonus
40Red Death Reformed (Pulse Rifle)Mental Math (Emote)
41N/AEnhancement Core x5
42N/AEcho Engram
43N/AGlimmer x20,000
44N/AUpgrade Module x 3
45Bright Dust x400Small Fireteam XP Boost
46N/AEcho Engram
47Bright EngramGlimmer x20,000
48N/AEnhancement Core x5
49N/ASmall XP Boost
50Exotic EngramSpectrum Shell (Ghost Shell)
51N/AWeapon Masterwork Bonus II
52N/AEcho Engram
53N/AExotic Engram
54N/AWeapon Scrounger I
55Bright Dust x400Small Fireteam XP Boost
56N/AEcho Engram
57Bright EngramGlimmer x25,000
58N/AEnhancement Core x5
59N/AChest Masterwork Bonus
60Exotic CipherChromacloak (Arms)
61N/AWeapon Masterwork Bonus III
62N/AEcho Engram
63N/AExotic Engram
64N/AUpgrade Module x 3
65Bright Dust x500Small XP Boost
66N/ARaid Banner x5
67Bright EngramGlimmer x25,000
68N/ABright Dust x500
69N/AHead Masterwork Bonus
70Deepsight HarmonizerChromacloak (Legs)
71N/AWeapon Scrounger II
72N/AEcho Engram
73N/AExotic Engram
74N/AEnhancement Core x5
75Bright Dust x500Deepsight Harmonizer
76N/ARaid Banner x5
77Bright EngramGlimmer x25,000
78N/ABright Dust x500
79N/AFailsafe Reputation Bonus II
80Exotic EngramChromacloak (Class Item)
81N/AWeapon Scrounger III
82N/AEcho Engram
83N/AExotic Engram
84N/AEnhancement Core x5
85Bright Dust x750Deepsight Harmonizer
86N/ASmall XP Boost
87Bright EngramAscendant Shard
88N/AEnhancement Prism x3
89N/AAscendant Alloy
90Deepsight HarmonizerChromacloak (Chest)
91N/AAscendant Shard
92N/AEcho Engram
93N/AExotic Engram
94N/AAscendant Alloy
95Bright Dust x1,000Chromacloak (Head)
96N/ARaid Banner x5
97Bright EngramGlimmer x30,000
98N/AEnhancement Prism x3
99N/AAscendant Shard
100Bright Engram BonusOld Blood (Exotic Engram)

Act 2 Rewards

We move on to Act of Episode: Echoes Season Pass, which will unlock on July 15, which means Destiny 2 players have enough time to get the first act’s rewards. Here are the 50 items you can get on both versions of the season pass.


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RankFree-to-Play RewardsPremium Reward
101N/AExotic Cipher
102N/AEcho Engram
103N/AArmor Scrounger
104N/AUpgrade Module x3
105Bright Dust x500Ritual Glimmer Boost II
106N/AEcho Engram
107Eververse EngramGlimmer x20,000
108N/AUntethered Edge (Arms)
109N/AExotic Engram
110Hidden Legendary WeaponCavalry Charge (Emote)
111N/AFailsafe Reputation Bonus III
112N/AEcho Engram
113N/AEnhancement Core x6
114N/AUpgrade Module x3
115Bright Dust x500Untethered Edge (Legs)
116N/AEcho Engram
117Eververse EngramGlimmer x25,000
118N/AEnhancement Core x5
119N/ALegendary Weapon Reward
120Exotic EngramVex Mantle (Projection)
121N/AWeapon Masterwork Bonus
122N/AEcho Engram
123N/AExotic Engram
124N/AUntethered Edge (Body)
125Bright Dust x500Deepsight Harmonizer
126N/AWeapon Scrounger
127Eververse EngramGlimmer x30,000
128N/AUntethered Edge (Head)
129N/ABright Dust x500
130Synthweave TemplateUnbridled Iridescence
131N/ALegendary Weapon Reward
132N/AEcho Engram
133N/AExotic Engram
134N/AAscendant Alloy
135Bright Dust x500Deepsight Harmonizer
136N/ARaid Banner x5
137Eververse EngramGlimmer x35,000
138N/AEnhancement Prism x3
139N/ABright Dust x500
140Hidden Legendary WeaponUnwavering Gallantry (Shader)
141N/ALegendary Weapon Reward
142N/AEcho Engram
143N/AExotic Engram
144N/AAscendant Alloy
145Red Death Reformed (Catalyst)Legendary Weapon Reward
146N/ARaid Banner x5
147Eververse EngramGlimmer x40,000
148N/AEnhancement Prism x3
149N/AAscendant Shard
150Bright Dust x1,000The Ol’ Switcheroo (Emote)

Act 3 Rewards

Last but not least, we have all the rewards coming to Episode: Echoes Season Pass of Destiny 2, which will arrive on August 26. There are also 50 rewards to pursue.

RankFree-to-Play RewardPremium Reward
151N/ASynthweave Template
152N/AEcho Engram
153N/AUpgrade Module x3
154N/ARitual Glimmer Boost III
155Bright Dust x500Legendary Weapon Reward
156N/AEcho Engram
157Eververse EngramGlimmer x20,000
158N/AEnhancement Core x5
159N/AClass Masterwork Boost
160Exotic EngramPrismatic Entrance (Transmat Effect)
161N/AFailsafe Reputation Bonus IV
162N/AEcho Engram
163N/AUpgrade Module x3
164N/AUntethered Edge (Mark)
165Bright Dust x500Enhancement Core x5
166N/AEcho Engram
167Eververse EngramGlimmer x25,000
168N/ABright Dust x500
169N/AAscendant Shard
170Exotic EngramUnpredictable Liability (Shader)
171N/AWeapon Masterwork Bonus
172N/AEcho Engram
173N/AExotic Engram
174N/ALegendary Weapon Reward
175Bright Dust x500Deepsight Harmonizer
176N/AWeapon Scrounger
177Eververse EngramGlimmer x30,000
178N/ABright Dust x500
179N/AAscendant Shard
180Exotic CipherPolychroma (Ship)
181N/ALegendary Weapon Reward
182N/AEcho Engram
183N/AExotic Engram
184N/AAscendant Alloy
185Bright Dust x500Deepsight Harmonizar
186N/ARaid Banner x5
187Eververse EngramGlimmer x40,000
188N/AEnhancement Prism x3
189N/ALegendary Weapon Reward
190Exotic EngramAdding Flavor (Emote)
191N/AEnhancement Prism x3
192N/AEcho Engram
193N/AExotic Engram
194N/AAscendant Alloy
195N/ALegendary Weapon Reward
196N/ARaid Banner x5
197Eververse EngramGlimmer x50,000
198N/AAscendant Shard
199N/ALegendary Weapon Reward
200Bright Dust x1,500Chromacloak (Head)


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As you can see, this is quite the long Season Pass for Destiny 2, but as long as you keep up with the seasonal and weekly challenges, you can take all these rewards back home.

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