BBQ's: Natural Gas, Propane & Charcoal BBQ Grills (2024)

Chargrilled burgers, perfectly seared rib-eyes, and slow-smoked ribs. These are just some of the flavours of summer. With a BBQ grill in your backyard, you can unleash your inner grill master as you cook for family, entertain friends, and gather around the grill for good times and great food. From classic charcoal barbecues to spacious built-in models, Best Buy has a wide selection of the best BBQs for your outdoor grilling adventures.

Types of BBQ Grills

From backyards and balconies to decks and patios, there’s a barbecue to fit your outdoor space. Here are two popular types of BBQs to consider.

Full-Size BBQ

Full-size standalone barbecues are a popular choice amongst grill enthusiasts. These BBQs are simple to assemble out of the box and come in various sizes for both big backyards and petite patios. Their freestanding designs means you’re not limited to where you put your barbecue.

Built-In BBQ

If you dream of building an outdoor kitchen, then a built-in barbecue is the ultimate addition. Install one on an outdoor island and you can play backyard chef all summer long. With a built-in BBQ and outdoor kitchen, you can enjoy indoor kitchen conveniences – counters, cupboards, and plenty of cooking space – all in the fresh air of your backyard.

Barbecue Fuel Types

From coal to electricity, barbecues are fueled by different sources. Here are your options.

Charcoal BBQ

Some grill masters would say that charcoal is king. That’s because charcoal BBQs produce that distinctive chargrilled flavour you won’t get with other types of BBQs. This type of barbecue takes longer to heat up than its non-charcoal cousins, but reaches such high temperatures that you can achieve a beautifully seared exterior that locks in flavour.

Propane BBQ

Propane BBQs are a popular choice because they heat up quickly and deliver consistent heat for easy, even grilling. Fuelled by liquid propane, propane BBQs require much less prep and cleanup work than a charcoal grill, so you can get those burgers, hot dogs, and kebabs onto the table faster. Propane BBQs generally don’t produce the same chargrilled flavours as a charcoal BBQ, but this can be achieved through a smoke box or liquid smoke.

Natural Gas BBQ

Like propane BBQs, natural gas BBQs are fuelled by gas. The difference is, a natural gas BBQ connects to your home’s natural gas line. This provides a constant source of fuel for the BBQ, so you don’t have to worry about running out of charcoal or propane in the middle of a big bash. Because it’s linked to your home’s natural gas line, a natural gas BBQ can’t easily be moved around.

Electric BBQ

If a charcoal or gas BBQ is out of the question, then an electric BBQ may be a suitable alternative. It plugs into an electrical outlet and can be used safely in less-ventilated areas like covered balconies. Because its source of power is electricity, an electric BBQ can be used almost anytime – except when there’s a power outage, of course.

Other Barbecue Features to Consider

When you’ve narrowed down the type of BBQ you want, consider these other important factors.

Grill Size

A barbecue’s cooking surface determines how much food you can grill at once. When choosing a grill, think about how many people you’ll usually be feeding and whether you plan to entertain often. Grill size is measured in square inches and can vary from small 200-square-inch models to spacious 1,000-square-foot monsters.


Gas grills can have multiple burners with independent heat controls. This gives you greater control over what you’re cooking. Sear a steak at the highest temperature on one burner and slow cook chicken wings on another. Some BBQs even have side burners for simmering sauces or whipping up side dishes.

Warming Rack

When you’ve grilled enough burgers and wings to feed a small army, you can keep them warm on a warming rack. This rack sits above the main grill and also offers a great spot to toast buns or slow cook vegetables.


The number of BTUs, or British Thermal Units, determines how much heat a gas barbecue can generate. A gas BBQ with higher BTUs will produce more heat, but will also burn fuel more quickly. Generally, BBQs with larger cooking surfaces will have higher BTUs than ones with smaller cooking surfaces.

Shelves and Storage

Some BBQs have shelves on the side for convenient food storage and prep. Others have cupboards or drawers for stowing away grill tools and other accessories. Other extras you may find include a cutting board, ice bucket, or integrated bottle opener.

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BBQ's: Natural Gas, Propane & Charcoal BBQ Grills (2024)


BBQ's: Natural Gas, Propane & Charcoal BBQ Grills? ›

Barbecue Grills Designed for Natural Gas

A grill with propane valves should never be used to burn natural gas unless an approved conversion has been performed.

Can a grill be both propane and natural gas? ›

Barbecue Grills Designed for Natural Gas

A grill with propane valves should never be used to burn natural gas unless an approved conversion has been performed.

Is it better to grill with natural gas or propane? ›

While natural gas is cheaper than propane gas, keep in mind that natural gas does burn much faster than propane, meaning you will burn through it much faster. Propane burns twice as hot as natural gas for less, so you will end up using less of it over time compared to natural gas.

Which grill is healthier, charcoal or gas? ›

When it comes to your health and the planet's health, however, propane is the clear winner. It all boils down to carcinogens that end up in your food and the fact that charcoal tends to be dirtier, and that propane's carbon footprint is much smaller carbon.

Which is better, a propane or a charcoal grill? ›

Unless you use a gas grill with infrared burners, you're better off going for charcoal. Our favorite charcoal grill offers excellent heat retention and even airflow, thanks to its easy-to-use vent system.

Can propane and natural gas be used together? ›

Conversely, trying to use a propane appliance with natural gas could lead to a smaller—if not non-existent—flame. This can and will lead to a variety of problems with your appliances. A natural gas stovetop fueled with propane will get way too hot, way too quickly.

Can you use a gas and charcoal grill at the same time? ›

If you do not have a hybrid grill, you can still cook with gas and charcoal at the same time by using two separate grills placed side by side. This method requires a bit more space and coordination, but it can be done.

Why are natural gas BBQs more expensive? ›

Long version: a propane barbecue includes a short (2') hose/regulator combo, a natural gas barbecue includes a long (10') hose and a brass quick disconnect for connecting to your home's gas line. This longer hose and set of brass fittings is an expensive set of gear and their inclusion makes the price go up.

Which is healthier, propane or natural gas? ›

Propane is a greener alternative when compared to natural gas and other types of fuels because of its efficiency, non-toxicity, and low emission output. Natural gas releases less carbon dioxide when burned compared to propane, but it's important to look at the other gas emissions that occur.

Is natural gas good for a barbecue? ›

Natural gas BBQs burn cleaner, producing far less air residue, so that you won't have to worry about the air at your party getting smoky or your guests getting sooty. This means that the natural gas BBQ is also environmentally friendly.

What is the number one rated grill? ›

Weber Genesis E-325s 3-Burner Gas Grill

You'll find Weber grills of all types atop our lists of bests; the brand is well-known for its popular grills, and it lives up to its reputation. The Weber Genesis E-325s got rave reviews in our gas grill tests) for its large capacity and precision temperature control.

Does food taste better on a charcoal or gas grill? ›

We know that charcoal briquettes give off that traditional backyard barbecue taste, whereas a gas grill allows you to pick up on the natural flavor of your ingredients so you can taste the meat and not the heat.

What are the disadvantages of charcoal grilling? ›

Cons of a Charcoal Grill

Generates more ash and requires more clean-up after use. Less environmentally friendly, as they produce more emissions than gas grills. May be restricted in certain locations due to fire hazard concerns.

What is the healthiest way to grill? ›

Trim fat and moderate grill temperature.

Buy skinless poultry or remove the skin before eating. Trim away any visible fat beef, pork, or chicken. Trim any excess poultry skin that may cause the grill to produce high flames and burn the meat. Avoid grilling meats over open flames and/or at high temperatures.

What tastes better, charcoal or gas? ›

Given the same heat output and cooking time, you won't be able to tell the difference between a burger cooked on gas versus one cooked on charcoal. For long-cooking foods cooked via indirect heat, like ribs, brisket, and other types of barbecue, you get a noticeably smokier flavor in foods cooked over charcoal.

Can you smoke meat on a gas grill? ›

Smoke everything from a pork butt to a salmon filet on your gas grill. Great candidates for smoking are fish, chicken breasts and thin-cut pork chops. If you're up for a larger cut of meat and longer time commitment, then try a beef brisket.

What happens if you run natural gas through a propane grill? ›

The burners will run low and have low heat output. Natural gas have less energy than the equivalent volume of propane does. The cure for it is to rejet the burners. Some orifices are adjustable, some can be changed out and others have to be drilled out to go from propane to natural gas.

Why can't I use natural gas on a propane grill? ›

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you can't use a natural gas grill with a propane grill, and vice versa, because gas orifices are sized differently to accommodate the different pressures of each gas.

Can you hook up a natural gas grill to a propane tank? ›

In one hour, a natural gas burner burns up about 97 cubic feet while propane burns only about 40 cubic feet. To convert a natural gas grill to propane you'll need to change the natural gas connection to a propane tank.

How do I know if my grill is dual fuel? ›

Not all grills can make the leap from propane to natural gas. Take a look at the inside door of your grill or your manufacturer's manual for a note about its dual-fuel capability.

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