All Destiny 2 Eververse items this season | Full calendar and rotation (2024)

Tess Everis runsDestiny 2’sEverversestore where players can spend their Silver or Bright Dust to acquire a rotating collection of cosmetics.

Tess’ stock changes at reset every Tuesday, bringing in new offerings, and Destiny fashionistas probably have their eyes glued to the Eververse calendar. Bungie recently changed its API formula, which previously allowed websites likeTodayinDestiny.comto spot exactly which items were coming and when, so they could build a comprehensive calendar. But now, players can only know ifa certain item is coming for Bright Dust this season.

Here is theEververse store rotation based on data from and the weekly offerings. Bear in mind that Bungie can change these items at any time.

Destiny 2 Eververse rotation, calendar, and items this week

All Destiny2 Eververse items this season | Full calendar and rotation (1)

In the second half of Season of the Wish, Bungie brought new offerings to the Eververse store and changed its rotation. Here’s what’s in Eververse this week and what TodayinDestiny says will be sold until The Final Shape.

Week 26 (May 28 to June 3)

Featured Bright Dust items

  • Experimental Mishap Exotic emote
  • Unseeing, To Be Shown (Fixed Odds Legendary ornament)
  • Resurrected Shadow transmat effect
  • Coleoptera shader
  • Spark of Joy shader

Bright Dust Offerings

  • Immaterial Messenger (season 23 Wish-Keeper ornament)
  • Friendly Feet Dance Legendary multiplayer emote
  • Star-Crossed Helmet (Titan)—old set sold for Bright Dust
  • Symmetrists’ Mask (Warlock)—old set sold for Bright Dust
  • Vanguard Dare Casque (Hunter)—old set sold for Bright Dust
  • Astrologic Exotic Shell
  • Assembly Stinger Exotic Ship
  • Bright Nostalgia Exotic sparrow
  • Brainfreeze projection
  • Chalco’s Finery shader
  • Jacarina shader
  • Meditator shader
  • Springtide Faint shader
  • Fallen Arrival transmat effect
  • Up in Smoke transmat effect
  • Chrysalis Entrance transmat effect

Eververse schedule: Ornaments that will be sold for Bright Dust this season in Destiny 2

The items on this list are based on data from Bungie may change these offerings as The Final Shape draws ever closer. We’ve mostly included weapon and armor ornaments, with a few miscellaneous items as our picks. Bolded items are new items or rarer items becoming available for sale.

Armor ornaments

These armor ornaments are available for Silver in the Eververse store but will be sold piecemeal throughout the tail end of the season.

  • Future-Facing Titan ornament set
  • Star-Crossed Titan ornament set
  • Wraith Trail Warlock ornament set
  • Symmetrist’s Warlock ornament set
  • Vanguard Dare ornament set (Hunter)
  • Virulent Hunter Bundle

Weapon ornaments

  • Essentialism Thorn ornament (sold)
  • Augmented Apotheosis Divinity ornament (sold)
  • Immaterial Messenger Wish-Keeper ornament
  • The Business End Sweet Business ornament (sold)
  • Spacetime Weft Leviathan’s Breath ornament (sold)
  • Extravagant Wishcraft One Thousand Voices ornament (sold)
  • Triumphant Heir Apparent ornament (sold)
  • Clast of its Own Vex Mythoclast ornament (sold)
  • Desert Camo MIDA Multi-Tool ornament (sold)
  • Internal Combustion Lament ornament (sold)
  • Iridescent Death Crimson ornament (sold)
  • The Vanguard Dare Ace of Spades ornament (sold)
  • Necrosis Recluse Legendary ornament (sold)
  • Itsy-Bitsy Spider Recluse Legendary ornament (sold)
  • Great White Hammerhead Legendary ornament (sold)
  • Defenseless, To Be Armed CALUS Mini-Tool Legendary ornament
  • Alone, To be Joined Drang Baroque Legendary ornament (sold)
  • Unhearing, To Be Told Imperial Decree Legendary ornament (sold)
  • Ozymandias Last Man Standing Legendary ornament (sold)
  • Unloved, To Be Cherished Beloved Legendary ornament (sold)
  • Unseeing, To Be Shown Fixed Odds Legendary ornament
  • Powerful Statement Loaded Question Legendary ornament (sold)

Items that will not be sold for Bright Dust this Destiny 2 season

The items on this list are based on data from Bungie may change these offerings.

Armor ornaments

  • Gjallarhorn armor sets
  • The Witcher armor sets

Weapon ornaments

  • Corrupted Logic (Necrochasm)—sold during the first part of the season
  • Gilded Cage (Whisper of the Worm)
  • Skyline Constellation (Symmetry)

Ships, sparrows, and other notable items

  • Roach-VGH sparrow (The Witcher)
  • Ten-Grasp Sword sparrow
  • Winged Wolf Skimmer
  • Wolven Shell (The Witcher)

Are Eververse items pay-to-win?

Outside of some easily obtained consumables and the odd ornament that changes iron sights, the items in the Eververse store have no impact on gameplay.

As most Destiny 2 veterans will tell you, however, fashion is the true endgame. Eververse is generally the place to go to give your guardian the best looks in the Tower—especially if you’re shelling out the free Bright Dust currency.

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All Destiny 2 Eververse items this season | Full calendar and rotation (2024)
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